Sunday, February 15, 2009

More thoughts on a secure Internet

David Isenberg and David Aken have a sweet, old-timey vision of the Internet. 

Even their bad guys are a bit old school -- virus writers who just want to degrade your machine for fun or who hope to steal your credit card number by extracting one number from one machine. But credit card numbers are easy to steal in bulk, and that's where the thieves are going. Invading individual machines is much more likely to be for the purpose of botting them on behalf of a spam or DDOS network. And once they've been botted, the machines' new overlords will take good care of them, even installing antivirus software to keep other malware out.

It's probably true that most of us who are moderately careful have not noticed a serious intrusion into our computers from the Internet. But we wouldn't, would we? Unfortunately, the users who have the sophistication to identify intrusions -- and the users who have something worth stealing -- have noticed, a lot, and they've run out of easy fixes.

I'm nostalgic for the old Internet too, but I already live on the new Internet, too. So do you if you use a corporate network. What's wrong with letting the two models compete?

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