Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Did E-Verify Expire on March 6?

E-Verify is a critically important program for reducing illegal employment without workplace raids.  It works, and it has continued to reduce its already low error rate, including as recently as last week, when it  added a passport record check to its capabilities.  Many in Congress have been fighting to make the program permanent, make it mandatory for any jobs created by the stimulus, or at least make sure that the program doesn't expire prematurely, since it's never been permanently authorized.

The program arguably expired on March 6, when its authorization ran out, but there's also a very good argument that it will continue until October 1 based on the appropriation it received until that date.  According to the SF Chronicle, E-Verify really did expire on March 6.  I'm betting that they're wrong, which is embarrassing for them. 

Ordinarily, though, you'd expect DHS to comment on that question, both because of the program's importance and because there are alternative theories about when the program expires.  But I've seen nothing official from DHS on this critical question.  Weird.

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