Thursday, March 12, 2009

A real cybersecurity expert for DHS

DHS has announced that Phil Reitinger will be Deputy Under Secretary at NPPD. NPPD's biggest near-term challenge is rolling out the DHS portion of the cyber initiative (whatever that may be after the 60-day review). Phil's background makes him a natural for taking on this challenge:

Phil Reitinger, currently "chief trustworthy infrastructure strategist" at
Microsoft, will become deputy undersecretary of DHS's National Protections
Program division.

I worked with Phil when he was last in government. He's very able and has stayed with computer security issues his entire career. He's better than anyone DHS has ever assigned to this problem before, and we should be glad he was willing to take on the responsibility.

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Jerry said...

Phil brings quite a bit of credibility to the position and knows what needs to be done to advance cyber-security.